Manual Skateboarding on the Appian Way and other short stories

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Fall Down? Mike Close:. On Being Invisible. Peter Howard:. He is a writer, he's almost positive. He hopes you're having a nice day. Target Practice Chocolate Superpowers. Melvin Lee:. The Right Wine. David Martin:. Dave Martin is the author of the humor collection My Friend W and blogs at www. Enquirer Seeks Bailout. Lee Minh Sloca:.

Lee Minh Sloca was born in Vietnam, from which he escaped two weeks prior to its collapse. After college, he worked for 14 years with special needs children in various mental health and educational facilities. Seeking to expand his horizons, he shifted his focus to poetry and painting. He lives in Los Angeles, CA. Matthew Dexter:. He will also probably die in Mexico. This lunatic gringo writes novels, memoirs, stories, and poetry.

Saturdays Freddy. Gil A.

See How Skateboarding Is Changing Lives in Rural South Africa - Short Film Showcase

Waters lives in the vicinity of Washington, DC, and likes to write. Wendy Parker:. Wendy is a practicing LPN in rural Ohio. She spends her free time writing and pondering the human psyche. She has been published in such illustrious works as "The Flash Fiction Offensive" and "The Clockwise Cat", as well as several others, who will remain unmentioned, because they are imaginary.

Notes on Protecting the Vital Organs.

Peter Mugerwa:. He is a graduate of Kyambogo University. Of Courtesy, Platitudes and Wit. Nomi Liron:. Nomi Liron lives in the Bay Area of California. She mainly write flash fiction but is also working on a novel. The Competition. Molly Allman is the author of the Flashes of Fiction series.

Her short stories range from sci-f, fantasy and speculative fiction to humorous and the downright bizarre.

Lily Mulholland:. But she could be, if only she had more time to write. Until then, flash fiction is her springboard to fame. Or possibly infamy. Infamous Nellie's Web. Robert C.

Police Log: Vehicle Thefts, Home Burglaries, Indecent Exposure at Target

A former bartender and freelance sports writer, Robert holds a Ph. A Mid Spring's Day Dream. Mary Whitsell:. Mary's non-fiction has been published in MotherVerse, Glassfire, and Eclectica. Chill Out. Cinq-Mars lives in Massachusetts and has decided not to become an astronaut. Jimmy Neenan:. Wayne Carlan:. Wayne Carlan is from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He has been published is several online magazines, one being Divine Caroline.

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He writes stories under the name "Dr. They are reader friendly short stories of his true life experiences written in a funny way. More of his stories can be found at www. He has a column there titled "The Dr. Philbilly Show". Alexi Russell:. Alexei Maxim Russell is a working writer, living in Winnipeg, Canada. His work runs the gamut from literary prose, to genre fiction, to creative non-fiction. With over 43 short works and 2 completed novels to his credit, his literary pursuits go beyond traditional prose--extending into poetry, audio fiction, dramatic scripts and screen-plays.

Unhand That Monocle. Janet Yung:. Janet Yung lives and writes in St. Seating Arrangement. Jimmy Calabrese:. Visit the band's website at www. Free Monster to a Good Home. John McDonnell:. He writes many types of fiction and poetry, but enjoys flash fiction quite a lot. The Probe. Cedric Botfrob:.

His accounts of school life can be read at www. Jon Ye:. Jon Ye, aged 46, is a language teacher in Gansu, China. He graduated from Shanghai Foreign language Studies. His major is English literature.

The Equinox – The Student Voice of Keene State College

The Shepherds' Theory of Relativity. Michael C. Keith is the author of an acclaimed memoir, seven story collections, and two dozen non-fiction books. His next collection of short stories, titled Slow Transit , will appear in He teaches at Boston College. G David Scwartz:. David Schwartz continues to write. The plan unraveled however, when the state could not show proper identification and tried to collateralize the Grand Canyon Some Foods Never Learn There are foods no one likes.

At the top of this long list is liver. Why would a meat of such immense revulsion think anyone would want to eat it? Sauerkraut takes a close second on this dubious menu. The entire German nation is dead wrong, verzeihen Sie mir, when it thinks this culinary "delight" has any sort of spot atop the world's charter of consumable delicacies Here's another irritating collection of nonsense from the author who bored you with "My Parakeet was an Anarchist.

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Product Details About the Author. I began writing in earnest in the spring of , when the pending departure for college of my eldest child dictated that I find a diversion to pull me out of the doldrums. Writing short stories and essays provided that diversion, and after a few of my pieces were accepted by some humour publications, I decided to take the next step and get my writing into print in a serious way. A couple of episodes in and I can already tell that this series is gold. The host - who's accent is so awesome it need to be heard to be believed - presents the history of Rome in an engaging and accessible way, the story-like narrative delivered so as to keep the audience demanding for more.

His "Latin Word of the Week" is a welcome addition that makes the podcast even more fun, something to look forward to every episode. Hell, I'd recommend this podcast for having to courage to follow in the footsteps of Duncan's History of Rome - which, btw, is of comparable quality to this podcast. Apple Podcasts Preview. Show 10 More Episodes. Customer Reviews See All. Aaron Mahnke. Stuff You Missed in History Class. American Scandal.