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Sighing in defeat, you considered reaching into your pocket and pulling out you phone to text Tsumugi. She would surely rescue you from the embarrassing situation of the closet. You prepared to grab your phone, but suddenly, your train of thought crashed. You jolted in alarm. I j…just-! Iori was just so adorable! He often had a sharp tounge, but also had a soft and sensitive side normal fans didn't usually get to see. You felt so special getting to see it in that moment.

You spent a moment laughing while Iori stayed silent. Then suddenly, he reacted. Iori grabbed both of your wrists and pinned you harder to the wall. It was with such force and such quickness, you squealed instantly. Trapped between the wall and his chest, Iori leaned his face close to yours. You felt a hand touch the side of your face. Iori caressed your cheek gently, with his soft hands. He began stroking your cheek, rubbing so gently you felt like you could melt. You jolted in alarm, and instantly denied humilation. But Iori saw right through you.

Your eyes went wide, not believing what was happening. Everything suddenly felt hot. And you felt too afraid to move. His hands felt so wonderful. He continued pressing lovely kissed on your cheek. Each time his lips touched your skin, you felt a chill run down your spine. He began lavishing every inch of you neck and collar bone. Kissing and sucking, you even felt a gentle bite on your neck, making you lob your head to the side and moan a little. It tickled, but it felt so good. Iori seemed to be growing addicted to your reactions. He wanted more and pulled you in closer. You yelped, forced into the comforting embrace of his arms.

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It was so warm. Resting your head on his chest, you listened to his heartbeat. It was pounding like crazy. Even more than yours. Iori was being quite forward, but there was no doubt he was embarrassed. Perhaps he was only being so confident because it was so dark. You giggled a little, imagining the adorable flustered face he must have on. Iori's hands began massaging you back, smearing pure pleasure into your body. The tips of his fingers teased your shoulder blades, rubbing and showering your sensitive spots with affection.

His gentle lips nibbled your neck some more, leaving tiny red lovebites.

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I am very good at decoding complex matters. You listened to his soothing voice and titled your head to the side. Iori reached out and tucked some of your hair behind your ear. And therefore figure out which area will bring you the most pleasure. You swallowed nervously. It took a moment to process, but you began to comprehend what he was alluding at. He wanted to touch you, and give you pleasure. He believed he could pleasure you better than anyone else. God damn it why didn't he just say it simply? Iori was so mysterious sometimes. But it was so enticing. That's good. Give me reactions," Iori whispered lowly.

Does this feel…mm, good? You swallowed down your embarrassment. Standing completely still, you let his hands travel around your body as he searched for the best place. He traced his thumb on your bottom lip. Is that it? That means you like it. I am close to discovering the best way to please you," Iori stated formally.

He continued to tease his thumb on your bottom lip. You were totally shook. Like what the fuck. This guy talked so fast in that little sexy whisper voice. Your head was spinning. And you could hardly handle the sensual touches he only increased. Iori would never do anything to hurt anyone. He was gentle and kind.

He licked the area of your neck where he had bitten you, smearing pleasure onto the sensitive area. This was really sexy. You like it on your neck, hm? Suddenlt, without warning, he grabbed your chin and forced your to face him. Iori was surprisingly strong. You gasped, forced into his trap. Although you could only see silloutes in the dark, you knew he was smirking.

Trust in my analytical abilities. His warm palm rested on your stomach, feeling amazingly soft. You were frozen. Completely stunned by his advancement. But then you realized. Was he asking you to go further? Although he must be horrifically embarrassed, he truly wanted to please you. You felt his hand under your shirt and shivered. His hands were quite lovely. Heart pounding, you decide to answer his question. You nodded slightly, signaling him to continue.

He slipped his hands further up your shirt, caressing your stomach through sensual traces. A chill went down your spine as the sides of your torso felt tickled. Were you that easy to read!? Or perhaps he was just that good at using logic. Somehow, it felt like he was treating you like an experiment. And somehow, that was really sexy. His hands traveled to your back and rubbed your skin delicately. You felt his fingers teasing at your bra. W-was he going to take it off?

You felt incredibly close to him. Completly at his mercy. I see. He could figure out just how to escalate your pleasure. His calculative abilities were just that good. Only he could make you feel this amazing. Nervous, you buried your face in his chest, able to indulge in the sweet scent of his shirt.

You felt so aroused due to all the sensual touching. Iori was so good at knowing just where to touch you. You felt his fingers continue to fiddle with the clip of your bra under your shirt. You waited patiently. You suddenly burst out giggling. Oh my god. Yet you had finally found a weakness to the perfect boy. He had no idea how to remove a bra.

His fingers tickled on your back. It made you giggle, thinking about how cute he was. You snuggled into his arms, comfortable as you patiently waited. This thing is quite tangled. That is helpful. He continued trying to undo the clip, but continued to fail. He was so focused on trying to figure out how a bra worked that nothing else mattered. It was then when you realized you had a very special effect on Iori Izumi.

He was always so punctual and focused. Yet when it came to you, he melted. He seemed so…clumsy and unorganized! He hugged you warmly. Normally, you would be humiliated. But Iori was practically having all the embarrassment for you. But I believe I am your favorite in Idolish7.

You gasped. Yet you knew there was no need to be humiliated around him. Iori was so sweet. He truly cared for you. You expected him to say something sassy. But instead, he suddenly smiled. He smiled for the first time all night, like he had just heard the greatest news. Please continue to adore me. Your heart absolutely fluttered. Iori was so sweet! You were melting, falling in love with everything about him. You hugged him back, never wanting to let go. Then he exhaled, trying to gain composure. I'm going to kiss you now. It was your first kiss.

And it was exhilarating. It felt like you were melting on air. His tongue lightly glided across you bottom lip, seeking entrance. You granted him access and parted your lips ever so slightly. Eagerly, he took the opening. Iori thrust his tongue into your mouth in the smoothest motion. You gasped for air, drowning in the pure pleasure of being kissed so passionately. You never knew kisses could be so passionate. Everything Iori did was perfect. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem?

Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. He wants a governess and he wants her. She gives him the governess he demands, but she refuses to give herself. She holds her ground…until he kidnaps her. He promises her heaven. She gives him seven minutes. Get A Copy. Mass Market Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Desperate Duchesses by the Numbers 3 , Desperate Duchesses 9. Edward Reeve , Eugenia Snowe. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Seven Minutes in Heaven , please sign up. Can't find it at Amazon to pre order Eloisa James HI there! It's Eloisa If you are still having a problem, just email me: …more HI there! If you are still having a problem, just email me: eloisa eloisajames. Where can I order this book? Why can't I find it on Amazon? C Lee It's up for order now.

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Happy release day!! Reading this also had me sighing, tsking, and falling in love with Edward Reeve and Eugenia Snowe, and cheering for their happily ever after. He wants a governess and he Happy release day!! I just love the way Ms. An absolutely delightfully entertaining story! View all 4 comments. Jan 02, Caz rated it liked it. I've given this a B- at AAR, but I can't bring myself to give it 4 stars, as it's not a book I would really recommend. So it's staying at three and being an exception to my normal rounding up rule.

But for the most part, Seven Minutes works perfectly well as a standalone. Eugenia Snowe has been a widow for some seven years, having lost her young husband in a boating accident.

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Mind you, if she had used her title, there would be no book. Reeve —or Ward, as he is known to his friends — is in a bind. His own irregular birth has never really bothered or hindered him, but when his half-brother and half-sister are literally dumped on his doorstep following the death of their mother, Ward takes them in and determines to do his best to care for them.

For one thing, Lizzie and Otis were brought up in a travelling acting troupe and their behaviour is unconventional to say the least; and for another, their mother was the eccentric widely regarded as mad Lady Lisette, who ran off with a man half her age. Her mother, the Duchess of Gilner is now set on wresting the guardianship of her grandchildren from Ward, in the face of the wishes of both their parents.

Ward knows the duchess to be a despotic, uncaring woman and is equally determined that the children remain with him — but he needs to show that he can care for them. Otis needs to be prepared to go to Eton, and Lizzie needs to be educated and taught all the things the daughter of a viscount needs to know. The children have obviously not had an easy time of it, and I liked the way in which Ms. James makes the reader aware of that without making anything overly sensational or maudlin.

So he travels to London, determined to ask Eugenia to return to Oxfordshire with him — temporarily — so that she can see the children for herself and spend some time with them in order to better appreciate the task facing him. Much like Mary Poppins, Eugenia is able to see what Lizzie and Otis really need and begins to build a relationship with them — and not like Mary Poppins, does it while she and Ward are engaged in a relationship of another kind.

He finds himself thinking about permanence, but dismisses the idea quickly. But the use of this particular device to create the conflict in the romance is so flimsy as to be see-through. But overall, the book lacks… heart, for want of a better word. Seven Minutes in Heaven was an easy read, but ultimately one from which I felt rather disconnected. Neither of the protagonists really came to life or made me want to know them better; and when I finished I found myself equating it with a perfectly polished piece of veneer — a beautiful surface but with nothing substantial underneath.

May 01, Bj rated it really liked it Shelves: audiobooks , , historical-romance , 4-stars , arc , audiobj She always manages to infuse witty dialogue and tongue-in-cheek humor in her romances which is sure to bring a smile to my face and have me chuckling while my earbuds are tuned in. I also love the cat and mouse chase that she tends to make the hero and heroine jump through prior to achieving their HEA.

Seven Minutes in Heaven is no exception. However, while I was entertained throughout the whole story, I must admit that the plot as a whole requires the listener to suspend belief a bit more than one would hope as the entire story requires one to accept one whopper of a misunderstanding. The narration by Susan Duerden, however, is superb and perfectly brings to life the entertainment factor of this comical, hate turned to love, historical romance. Eugenia Snowe experienced love once. With the unexpected drowning of her first husband, however, she also believes she has lost her ability to ever be in love again.

He has a big problem. Even the highly-coveted governesses of Ms. Reeve being the confident man he is decides to take matters into his own hands. If Ms. She figures there would be no harm in indulging in a little bit of fun for at least a short while, at least until they can find Ward a suitable governess. But when the custody battle is taken to its pinnacle, Ward must decide what is more important: his attraction to Eugenia or what he believes may hurt his chances of keeping the guardianship of his siblings. See the full review at AudioGals View all 3 comments. Jan 09, Esther rated it liked it Shelves: non-virgin , family , arc , arc-edelweiss.

ARC from Edelweiss for honest review. Eugenia our heroine, has been a widow for five years. Eugenia is a savvy business woman who runs a governess registry. She enjoys her work and she is very good at what she does. But Eugenia is happy, content and likes her quiet life. Reeve the hero is an illegitimate son who has worked hard to make a fortune for himself, he's an inventor.

He is now guardi ARC from Edelweiss for honest review. He is now guardian to his siblings and he's determined to take excellent care of his half brother and sister. He is looking for a governess to assist in watching over them and their rambunctious ways and only the best will do for him and his siblings. Well as you have guessed Reeve hires Eugenia and the two have some instant sparks and great dialogue.

Reeves believes she is a low born governess and doesn't believe that she's from the upper class as she states. The two have a deep love for the children and work together to care for them, which is heartwarming and enjoyable to see unfold. This was well written but I did find that the story and pacing didn't really pick up till the 50 percent mark.

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Some of the conflict seemed a little contrived and shallow. But the children and the relationship between all the characters made up for it. What a pignut. In the final installment of the Desperate Duchesses by the Numbers, another resourceful heroine joined the lineup of admirable women, who found a way to stretch the boundaries of acceptable roles for noblewomen in Georgian England without losing their place in society.

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It is just too bad she was paired with such a nincompoop of a hero; I thought she could have done better. Slight spoilers ahead. A daughter of a marquess and a widow of a viscount's heir, the heroine was a woman of me What a pignut. A daughter of a marquess and a widow of a viscount's heir, the heroine was a woman of means, but with few acceptable options to occupy her time for rest of her life since she was not ready to marry again.

Starting a governess placement agency and turning it into a profitable venture required ingenuity, determination, and strength of character. Since the reputation of the agency depended on the reputation of its owner, the heroine's was above reproach until the hero came along. For a brilliant scientist and successful entrepreneur, the hero was a bit slower on the uptake than I would have liked. Though not a nobleman - being an illegitimate son of an earl hardly counts - the hero possessed all the regrettable trappings of rank: arrogance, condescension, and hypocrisy.

Assuming that the proprietor of a governess placement agency must have been a former governess, he ignored all the evidence to the contrary because it suited his purpose. There were several situations during the story when he could have asked about the heroine's family. However, his selfish desire to get her into bed overrode all rules of propriety, common sense, and basic decency. Taking advantage of the situation when his half siblings chased away the governess the heroine had placed in his household, was not an act of a gentleman.

The cold calculation, with which he handled their affair when he decided the heroine could not make him a suitable wife because she was not highborn, bothered me. I might have been willing to make allowances for the hero's good, albeit misguided intentions to sacrifice his happiness for the sake of his siblings' futures, if not for his willful ignorance about the heroine's antecedents combined with the complete disregard for her feelings.

The insulting scene of the break-up was simply the last straw. To paraphrase the Duke of Villers, the presumptuous halfwit deserved to lose her. For all his soul searching and the grand gestures, he followed her to her father's estate after finally learning who the father was, not before. And while he insisted his love mattered more than her noble connections, I think she would always wonder. As much as I enjoyed Eloisa James' writing style, the humor, the literary references, and the cameo appearances of the characters from the extended series, I can hardly recommend this book, which made me want to hit the hero in the face - with a shovel - preferably, more than once.

View all 5 comments. Mar 10, Lakshmi C rated it really liked it. I had two options : Devour a mountain of chocolate brownies OR look for a new author, this is how I ended up with my first Eloisa James. I was enchanted and charmed by this book; really, really enjoyed it. Edward and Eugenia had such a fun relationship. Eugenia was a self made woman, she was a widow and built a reputable governess agency. Ward had a rough start but he has built a comfortable life for himself. But things get messy when he has to fight to be the Guardian of his half siblings.

His sister was obsessed with death, drama and she always wore a veil. His brother was into inventions and economics, attatched to his pet Jarvis. Jarvis was a rat who dressed in splendid outfits for the opera. The first thing that caught my attention was Eugenia's love for her first husband. Usually the first husband is presented very badly in books, examples : He can be a 1 Conman 2 Cheater 3 Jerkface who conveniently died in an accident 4 Abusive husband turned ex turned murderous stalker 5 Sociopath or psychopath or both 6 Someone who vanishes with all the money leaving our h in a ditch of debt Maybe this is done so that both you the reader and the h appreciate the present H more and forgive a lot.

Basically the function of the ex is to make the new guy look better. And it puts unnecessary pressure on the h, its a constant reminder that this is her one last, desperate chance to find true love.

New Band Of The Week: 7 Minutes In Heaven

But not in Eugenia's case. She was wooed, she was loved and she still hasn't moved on from her first husband. This was a breath of fresh air. The letters exchanged between Ward and Eugenia cracked me up. The siblings reduced each governess to anxiety or tears. Eugenia loves dessert, Ward adores Eugenia, there's a teashop and a kidnapping. Ward was so clear when it came to his siblings, I admired that. He's been through so much but there's no bitterness involved, he keeps trying to fix things and gives people the benefit of doubt. Plus he was wicked funny, loved that. I had stars in my eyes and the possibility of a 5 star read Ward screwed up and I was shocked.

Eugenia had a spine of steel, she took a break and moved forward. This was followed by an epic grovel and I'm not spoiling the rest for you. View all 10 comments. Jan 20, Tammy rated it it was amazing Shelves: release Recommend highly, perfect for a Valentines romance read! View 2 comments. Mar 08, Sonya Heaney rated it it was ok Shelves: historical-romance , regency-era. Originally posted HERE. Nobody is desperate, nor is anybody a duchess!

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There is no question that Eloisa James can write beautifully, and that her characterisations particularly for the child characters are fantastic. On the other hand, Eloisa James is one of the best-known names in the historical romance genre, and I knew that had to be for a reason. I figured that if anyone was going to manage to interest me in yet another governess agency story, it was probably her. Light and fluffy? Dark and serious? I found James to be towards the lighter end, but what grounded her work were her more complex characterisations. Children in books can be disastrous, or sickly sweet.

Hero and heroine openly — and frequently! And then when the characters blatantly referenced Fifty Shades of freaking Grey , the magic was broken for me. What surprised me a lot was the fact there were so many obvious Americanisms. This is, after all, a prolific author of fiction set in England. She is clearly a brilliant writer, but this was not the book for me. Review copy provided by NetGalley. View all 9 comments.

May 18, Mary - Buried Under Romance marked it as to-read. Holy God, this heroine's last name Edward Ward Reeve is a wealthy inventor and the illegitimate son of an Earl. He has recently gained guardianship of his two younger half siblin Reading this also had me sighing, tsking, and falling in love with Edward Reeve and Eugenia Snowe, and cheering for their happily ever after. He has recently gained guardianship of his two younger half siblings Lizzie and Otis after his mother passed away.

I had two options : Devour a mountain of chocolate brownies OR look for a new author, this is how I ended up with Eloisa James. Still, I enjoyed it because the writing is so good and the characters so delightful. Thank Heavens! I am super pumped James used her incredibly vast and beautiful knowledge of english literature in her newest offering.

She seems embraced her both her lives to produce an intelligent book that strikes the right chords in my effervescent and romantic heart. Just as a slight warning, this book deals with the deceased ex plot. It's quite refreshing to read a regency with a non-virgin heroine.

Thank you, EJ! So far, this one is my favorite of the There was a great cast of supporting characters as well, so it will be fun to see who is featured in the next book. I read this book's description, and thought this kind of difference perhaps I should give Ms. His wanton grin confirmed that she had. Feb 01, SmartBitches rated it really liked it Shelves: b-grade , historical-romance. This book is so fun that it took me a week to consider that every single character is dealing with grief. Eugenia was happily married for seven years and deeply grieves her husband. The kids transcend the perils of plot-moppetry because they are fully realized characters with their own emotional lives.

They each have their own way of mourning their parents and facing a completely new way of life. Ward mourns for his own childhood and the scorn he faced for being illegitimate. The book is also very funny. The scene with the French letters, a scene I will not even attempt to describe, is laugh-out-loud funny and sexy at the same time. Eugenia is a completely delightful and relatable character with enough common sense to realize that the Big Misunderstanding that Ward has developed is not actually the major issue between them. And I hold on to the hope that Eugenia will kick enough sense into Ward over time that they will be happy together.

That said, I have to admit that I was really rooting for Eugenia in this story, as well as the kids, who I fervently hope will have their own books eventually. Lizzie in particular clearly has a grand career ahead of her. Jun 21, G. And then the hero turned into a giant nutsack, so that kind of killed it dead. View 1 comment. Jan 17, Nancy rated it it was amazing Shelves: regency.

I'm fairly certain EJ can rewrite the phone book and I'd be swooning. This story was of Edward "Ward" and Eugenia, and these two did not disappoint. Eugenia was one of the strongest Regency heroines I've read in awhile. It is so refreshing to read about a widow who still mourned her husband, who enjoyed him, and who was truly in love with him. I adored seeing the moment when Eugenia decided she was ready to move on; it wasn't something decided in the throes of passion, but a mature decision mad I'm fairly certain EJ can rewrite the phone book and I'd be swooning.

I adored seeing the moment when Eugenia decided she was ready to move on; it wasn't something decided in the throes of passion, but a mature decision made by a woman who had clearly grown since her young adult days. Ward was a well-drawn hero with some great flaws. His cockiness and devil-may-care attitude about everything relating to him made me believe in his confidence, and it was only underscored when he showed how much he truly did care about how society would receive his half brother and sister.

His attachment to them was some of the most heartfelt family love I've seen in recent Regencies and I looked forward to when they were all on the page together.

7 Minutes In Heaven

Of course, the pacing and character arcs were flawless, as was the distinct tone of each character. EJ somehow ups her game with each release, and I'm always left with a slightly bigger happy sigh and smile with each of her releases. Brava, Ms. But it is handled absolutely wonderfully. My favourite lines from the book coming soon.

Feb 11, Molly rated it liked it Shelves: inbook-count-challenge , inbook-count-challenge. Eloisa James is one my favorite authors - she has a unique style that's engaging, fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Having said that, Seven Minutes in Heaven was not my favorite book of hers - Edward Reeve was an impulsive jackass, who didn't get redeemed in my eyes and I couldn't really connect with Eugenia.