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Honeycrisp Galette with Cheddar Crust and Thyme Butter.
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Plus, Russ was the musician who could play.

James Taylor - How Sweet It Is Lyrics

Obviously, I was musical and have been around it my whole life and know the language, but I always felt more comfortable when there were specific musical things driving us nuts because he could deal with that. Then they added piano from Clarence McDonald, who Titelman says he was working with on another project, to bring a touch of Motown to the blend. At some point, in order to differentiate the Taylor version from the Marvin Gaye original, Waronker came up with the idea to use two drummers on the track, so he brought in Jim Keltner.

Keltner remembers the session well. While he says he did supply a little backbeat on the choruses, he played only hi-hat on the verses. So it had a nice little swingy kind of feel to it. And once James voice was on the thing, it was its own thing. I got up and walked in and there it was.

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Obviously, those guys had made the right choices. It was very sweet, the arrangement. David Sanborn on alto sax was the last piece of the puzzle. We called him and flew him in. Then they flew Sanborn in from Chicago.

Michael Bublé - How Sweet it is

When they showed up to record Sanborn, he was already in Studio B, waiting for them. There was this very funny, weird, cool little guy playing TV themes.

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It was love at first sight. He was so funny and nice.

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Titelman recalls the track only took a couple of takes. He interned for Rep.

How Sweet It Is in Mount Horeb WI - Olson's Flowers

Jim Himes and then held a succession of jobs on Capitol Hill and with a trade association until February this year. Jahana Hayes. So he has never looked back … except for one thing: Cheesecake.

Although we normally associate cheesecake with the Jewish baking tradition, the proud Greek-American Ginis family begs to differ. Alex is less involved in the business than dad Tom and sister Katie. Suggested slogan: Rep. Jahana Hayes … come for the inspiration!

How Sweet It Is

Stay for the cheesecake! Richard Blumenthal. Blumenthal served as both U. Yes, the Acosta deal got him jail time but he was able to spend six of seven days outside of jail at his office, for hour stretches.